Bad Battery Repair

Dead-battery-chargeEvery cell phone is powered by a battery. Almost all of the batteries in cell phones or rechargeable batteries such as Lithium ion but made by different manufacturers. Some brands are more powerful than others; so depending who made your battery will determine how long it lasts before it inevitably dies. There are many ways to tell if your battery indeed needs to be replaced, here are a few of them.

  1. Sometimes when a battery dies it will only stay powered when it is plugged in. This is very common with laptops also. This means that without a source of power (a charger and electricity) you cannot use your phone. So it is time for a replacement battery.
  2. The phone is dead. This is the most obvious tell tale sign; your phone died and won’t hold a charge. When you plug it in, nothing happens. If your phone is showing no signs of life, then it needs to be replaced.battbatt2
  3. A bulging battery can mean the cells internally ruptured. Thi
    s will cause a bulge in your battery which is very noticeable. If this has happened to you, definitely get a replacement battery as soon as possible.
  4. Heat can be a big indicator of a faulty or dying battery. A new battery will keep cool, as they internalize the heat when being charged. A weak battery will not be able to keep it’s cool, you will notice this when your phone is extremely hot.
  5. Short battery life is a very common battery replacement inquiry. When the battery is almost dead, you will notice easily because it will die a lot quicker than it took to charge. This means you are under the bar, and your battery is sub-par. This commonly happens from not closing the applications on your phone after you finish using them. This will cause them to keep running and in return cause your battery life to be reduced. This is when you need a replacement.

Batteries are the most important part of a cell phone. Without this, you cannot use your phone. This is why it is very important to keep your battery in good condition by doing simple things like closing your applications when you are done with them. The most important thing is to charge your phone when it completely dead and until it is fully charged. Make sure to take it off as soon as it is charged because you do not want to exacerbate your battery life. If your phone is in good condition, it is better to get a replacement battery instead of a phone when you have these problems. This is much cheaper than getting a full replacement, and you don’t have to transfer any data.

Taking good care of your battery is the key to its longevity.  If you follow these easy suggestions and continue to take care of your battery than you will be very happy when it lasts longer than it would. When disposing of your old batteries, make sure to bring them to a recycling center because they can be very hazardous waste products. If you take care of your phone and battery, even if it dies you will know what to do after reading this article. Just follow the steps and you will be happy with the results.